Onshoring advantages using Outsourcing model

Benefits of Rural OnShoring vs. urban USA or offshoring

  • 25% to 40% Cost Savings over USA Urban Areas
  • IT Hourly Average Rate only 17% more than Offshoring
  • Strong Intellectual Property (IP) Protection
  • Clear Communication and Culture Understanding
  • Increased Strategic Flexibility
  • Greatly Reduced Internal Project Management vs. Offshoring
  • We work in your time zone with your people.
  • We are culturally attuned, and our work practices complement your staff better than offshoring.

Get the cost benefit of offshore outsourcing and the control from onshore

We provide onshore – offshore outsourcing of web and mobile application development services for companies in United States, UK and Australia. No matter in which state your business is located, our onshore representatives will be happy to meet you at your office and understand your requirements.

Our offshore development centre has nurtured more than 150 highly experienced software developers. They design, develop, test and deliver software solutions to the client’s specifications in timely goals. The project management is completely handled by our local project manager and the development is carried out in India. The local project manager is main point of contact for you to get all updates about the project.


How you can benefit from our onshore-offshore outsourcing model

  • Major cost benefit due to offshore development.
  • Mitigate the risk of directly working with an offshore agency by having local project manager.
  • More control on the project by presence of local project manager
  • One point of contact that is near to you.
  • Benefit from our sophisticated IT infrastructure at the development centre

With our unique onshore-offshore model, we bring you the best of both the worlds – Low price of offshore outsourcing and better control on project by onshore presence of project manager.

If you are planning to outsource, feel free to drop us an inquiry and our local representative will get back to you as soon as possible.