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Consulting Excellence

Committed to delivering excellence, Cyber-Meadows provides integrated consulting solutions to meet the evolving needs and priorities of companies and job candidates.

Offering the flexibility of consulting, and direct-hire positions, Cyber-Meadows provides talented people in a multitude of jobs spanning every industry. From administrative/clerical to talent seasoned professionals in technology, engineering, and sales and marketing. Cyber-Meadows efficiently and effectively delivers the right people for all employment opportunities.

The Company’s broad-based experience in recruiting is founded on an in-depth understanding of the workforce trends and the issues that drive performance. Cyber-Meadows combines its unique expertise and knowledge with a commitment to service excellence to deliver optimal workforce solutions that exceed expectations and integrate seamlessly within any organization

Technology Solutions and Services

When you have critical gaps to fill in your IT organization, you need to find technology specialists who can hit the ground running; professionals with the right set of technical and interpersonal skills to work within your environment and deliver results. Let Cyber-Meadows take care of you..

Technology Specialists with Strong Community Ties
Cyber-Meadows recruiters are IT professionals, who understand the complexities of the field. We use a consultative approach that addresses your business goals, as well as consulting requirements.

Wide-ranging Skills & Experience
We leverage unique screening and interviewing techniques to successfully place talent in virtually every information technology spectrum, including:
  • Project Management
  • Applications
  • Systems
  • Networking
  • Marketing Operations
  • Software System support and testing

Cyber-Meadows helps meet organizational objectives by supplying experienced IT professionals in a wide range of positions. For example:

  • Systems Engineer/Administrator
  • Computer Operator
  • Database Administrator
  • Help Desk
  • Systems Programmer
  • Network Engineer/Administrator
  • Programmer Analyst
  • Project Leader
  • Web Developer
  • Software Application Testers

Our Commitment

Cyber-Meadows recruiting services bring you the precise expertise you need. We do it with flexibility, speed and an uncompromising dedication in order to match the right skills and experience to the best opportunities, so that every engagement is a win-win situation for both you and your technology professionals.


Consulting Solutions

At Cyber-Meadows , we help companies think ahead and have a bigger vision.



Committed to delivering excellence, Cyber-Meadows provides

consulting solutions