Trading Technologies

Faced with higher regulatory scrutiny, rising capital adequacy requirements, shrinking margins and impending growth concerns across asset classes, the securities and capital markets and investment banking industry is looking at

  • Improving transparency and scalability
  • Moving towards real-time service levels
  • Variabilizing costs
  • Leveraging analytics and technology for the next generation branch network

Cyber-Meadows helps in addressing these challenges by providing high-end domain consultancy and establishing industry level solutions. It partners with leading investment banks, asset & wealth managers, brokerage firms, securities servicing and market infrastructure participants to provide industry expertise and business insights that help them Do Business Better.

By leveraging its industry advisory group Cyber-Meadows offers solutions, to understand and solve clients' business problems. The advisory group, consisting of industry experts with decades of domain expertise, provides focused consulting in the areas of securities servicing, asset and wealth management, investment banking, institutional & retail brokerage, and trading, derivatives & risk.

Cyber-Meadows 's solutions offering in this space include:

  1. Cloud-based BPaaS (Business Process as a Service): Cyber-Meadows 's BPaaS platform brings together technology, people, processes and smart analytics, to provide a document-centric business process management solution that is easy to implement and modify as per business requirements and enhances operational efficiency. Cyber-Meadows Systems's solution facilitates a significant lower cost of entry, process monitoring and optimization, structured and transparent reporting and a faster time to market.
  2. Investment Compliance: Cyber-Meadows offers an Investment Compliance solution to provide real-time, multi-asset, pre-trade and post-trade compliance monitoring. This low latency, flexible solution enables enterprises to collate investment guidelines from disparate sources (regulatory body, company, fund family, and fund) to a customizable rule library to oversee the trade lifecycle of a particular trade. The solution also provides dynamic reporting capabilities to handle on-demand business requirements and an agile upgrade process to handle ever changing regulatory environment.
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